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Tips for User-Friendly Websites

tips for user friendly websites

Firstly, let’s define what the term user-friendly means. User-friendly is a system or machine that is easy to use, making it more appealing to the user. Consequently, the user will appreciate his experience with a user-friendly website, increasing the possibility of coming back or staying longer. Hence, the website’s traffic will undoubtedly rise, transforming users, into conversions and then sales. We at, Larnaca Web Design, are here to help you thrive in the digital world. Here you can learn more about some tips for user-friendly websites.


The ideal loading time of a webpage is two-to-three seconds. Slower web pages have a much higher bounce rate and lower conversion rate. Some examples of what may slow down your website are unoptimized images, excessive content or unnecessary code etc.


CTA is a Call To Action. Consider CTAs as a helping hand when visiting a website. It will reveal to the user what the next step is to get closer to a purchase, receive a newsletter, sign up or schedule an appointment. CTAs successfully remove confusion and draw a clear path for the customer to navigate through.

Navigation and Accessibility

Two key features of effective navigation are simplicity and consistency. Simplicity is achieved by using clear and easy-to-understand language. The most important is to not let the user get lost in the chaos of data. So, share information on your website that visitors want to know. Consistency is the use of a system that is recurrent.

A website should be accessible to people of different cultures, ages, languages, education levels, computer skills and disabilities. Thus, all people should equally understand, navigate, and interact with websites.

Responsive Design

Every page has its own layout. The layout should be flexible and able to recognize the user’s screen size and device and adjust accordingly. As a result, no matter what the user is holding, tablet, smartphone, or laptop the website will be able to function at its best creating an exciting experience for the user.

Simple Contact Forms

Contact forms are a simple and easy way for users to share with you their basic information. And as a professional, you will seem more open to discussion and accessible. In addition, they are a great way for the user to interact with you.

Colour Scheme

Make sure to find a colour scheme which suits best your website’s personality and can influence positively the customer, to achieve engagement. Choose one primary colour and some complementary colours that will create contrast based on colour theory.

Overall a friendly website will lead to engagement, conversion and sales.